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Listing Leaders is all about offering a different kind of real estate school experience. And we're ready to assist you every step of the way.

Standing Out From the Crowd

Most real estate schools teach straight from the book and only prepare you for the state exam. You learn how to take a test, not how to become a broker. At Listing Leaders, we try to do things using a more hands-on approach. Sure, we’ll get you ready to take your state exam and help you obtain your real estate license, but we go a step farther. We offer real-world examples of what brokers might face on a daily basis. Nearly every new broker enters their real estate career and says to themselves “I wish they would have taught me this in real estate school!” If you’ve ever heard this from your family or friends, they probably didn’t attend Listing Leaders’ Real Estate School and Training.


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Justin Berggren

Owner, Instructor and Broker

As the Owner and Instructor for Listing Leaders Real Estate School & Training, I saw two major hurdles when it came to real estate education: the low passing rates on the state exam, and for those who would go on to become agents, they found themselves frustrated with the stark disconnect between what they had learned and what’s actually required of them when working in real estate.

I’m a full-time, active agent in Indiana and Illinois. I had to pass the same exam and learn how to build my business. I have experience in residential, commercial, development, and real estate investments. No student is unprepared and you’ll be ready when the time comes for you to launch your real estate business and start selling. I’ll be sure to teach you about marketing yourself and your listing in today's real estate world. You will learn the fundamentals of negotiation that are both effective and protect your client's interests and how to deal with common issues that arise in real estate transactions. You will learn skills that you can apply not only in the classroom and on the exam but also throughout your lives. 

How We're Doing Things Differently

We ensure our students truly grasp class content by implementing a two-step process that focuses on engagement between the instructor, students, and real world examples. This allows our students to understand the information well, applying it on examinations and then later on in their careers. 

This method not only helps our students to learn better but also makes class time a lot of fun! Our students regularly express their appreciation for the time we spend together in class and comment that they feel comfortable and included. No student is left behind. Period.

We also believe testing is a skill unto itself. Thorough understanding of material doesn’t necessarily guarantee success on a test. While we do prepare our students for success in exam situations, we also teach them how to deconstruct actual test questions. 

We teach students how to dominate questions by recognizing issues, identifying relevant information and breaking down questions to eliminate incorrect answers. This makes questions easier to manage and helps conserve mental energy on an exam. We’ll put you in a position to be your best. 

Math is a huge area of concern for students, especially for those who haven’t been to school in a while. We pay special attention to real estate math. When you’re with us, there’s no shortage of practice, tips, and tricks as you learn how to work out real estate math problems.

To ease the transition from classroom to test center, we employ a full-time transition coordinator to help our students move smoothly and confidently from the classroom to the state exam. This role keeps our students organized and under control while they prepare for the state exam. Our transition coordinator helps our graduates register for the state exam and to understand what will happen on test day so there are no surprises. She also provides review materials that further aid information retention and recall. We can even schedule personalized training to work on specific units and study methods if needed. No test taker is left behind.

Our Benefits

Learn about our school benefits and courses

School Benefits

We offer a 10 week course with classes occurring three days a week. Our schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6-9pm.

We cover topics such as:

  • Learn basic concepts and fundamental information about real estate
  • Gain teaching needed to pass the state exam the first time
  • Boosts your confidence to enter the field on the right foot
  • Learn how to establish a real estate business
  • Engage in real-world examples not often taught in real estate school
  • Learn the fundamentals of negotiation

Where to Find Us

Listing Leaders Real Estate School and Training, 5061 E. 81st Ave., Merrillville, IN 46410

Now Accepting Registration

If you have any questions about our sessions, give us a call at (219) 462-5478 or email us at

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