Our Real Estate Schools

Listing Leaders is all about offering a different kind of real estate school experience and now we have four different schools offering a variety of classes.

Real Estate Schools Focused on You

Most real estate schools teach straight from the book and only prepare you for the state exam. You learn how to take a test, not how to become a broker. At Listing Leaders, we use a more hands-on approach. We'll prep you to obtain your real estate license, and go a step farther, offering real-world examples of what brokers might face on a daily basis. Nearly every new broker enters their real estate career and says to themselves, “I wish I had learned this in real estate school!” If you’ve ever heard this from your family or friends, they likely didn’t attend a Listing Leaders Real Estate School.

Our Schools

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Our Benefits

We cover topics, such as: 
  • Learn basic concepts and fundamental information about real estate
  • Gain teaching needed to pass the state exam the first time
  • Boosts your confidence to enter the field on the right foot
  • Learn how to establish a real estate business
  • Engage in real-world examples not often taught in real estate school
  • Learn the fundamentals of negotiation