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This is the state-approved Broker Pre-licensing class that is required to sit for the Indiana Real Estate Broker Examination. Our class meets the 90-Hour Broker Pre-licensing requirement, prepares you for the state exam, and trains you on selling and representation techniques applicable to Indiana real estate sales. Upon completion of the class, you will be fully eligible to sit for the Indiana state examination. After passing the examination, you are eligible to activate your real estate license with the brokerage of your choice. Managing broker eligibility requires having an active broker license for two years and requires a separate approval and application process.
Located in Demotte, Indiana.

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Listing Leaders Demotte
10 Week Class
Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 6-9pm
Begins October 23rd
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We ensure our students truly grasp class content by implementing a two-step process that focuses on engagement between the instructor, students, and real world examples. This allows our students to understand the information well, applying it on examinations and then later on in their careers. No student is left behind. Period.

We believe testing is a skill unto itself. Thorough understanding of material doesn’t necessarily guarantee success on a test. While we do prepare our students for success in exam situations, we also teach them how to deconstruct actual test questions by identifying relevant information and breaking down questions to eliminate incorrect answers. This makes questions easier to manage and helps conserve mental energy on an exam. We’ll put you in a position to be your best. 

Math is a huge area of concern for students, especially for those who haven’t been to school in a while. We pay special attention to real estate math. When you’re with us, there’s no shortage of practice, tips, and tricks as you learn how to work out real estate math problems.

To ease the transition from classroom to test center, we employ a full-time transition coordinator to help our students move smoothly and confidently from the classroom to the state exam. This role keeps our students organized and under control while they prepare for the state exam. Our transition coordinator helps our graduates register for the state exam and to understand what will happen on test day so there are no surprises. They also provide review materials that further aid information retention and recall. We can even schedule personalized training to work on specific units and study methods if needed.

Buyer FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions
What does $595 get you?

Your paid tuition reserves your spot in a specific class, so make sure you are available on the dates and times above! Your tuition also covers your textbook and supplementary learning materials that we will use in class to ensure you are thoroughly understanding the information you need to pass your class and the Indiana broker's exam. Class is a mix of reading prep, but we do a lot of in class discussion, examples, and practice questions to make sure you know exactly how you will be tested. We use Dearborn Publishing texts and classroom materials. Our textbook is Modern Real Estate Practice 20th Ed. We also use the Study Guide. Class Material Resources are available here. Note that you will set up a password to access student materials once you register for class and receive your textbook.

What Happens After Real Estate School?

Our number one goal is to completely prepare you for test day and to have NO SURPRISES. We regularly follow the state exam structure and we know what you need to know to pass the exam the first time and to stay out of trouble on the test. This class is our opportunity to pass this along to you. One you pass Real Estate School, there is a specific test prep program designed to finish your prep specifically for the state exam. We recommend that you take your State Real Estate Exam within 1 to 25 days after you graduate from Real Estate School.Your Exam Specific Prep will take 7 to 21 days depending on your availability. The cost of this CompuCram program is currently $89. The cost to take the state exam and to activate your Broker's license is approximately $65 each. You can register to take your State Exam here. You can apply for your Indiana Broker's License as well as access other great resources here.The cost to join the local Real Estate Association GNIAR is approximately $1,000/yr. If you sell just one house a year, you are in the black and making money!

Post Graduation Employment?

All students who successfully complete the Listing Leaders Real Estate School & Training class and pass the Indiana Broker's Exam are eligible to join Listing Leaders Corporate Brokerage and to participate in our New Realtor Listing Leaders Mentorship and Practical Sales Training program.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind?

Licensing reciprocity with other states, especially Illinois and Michigan. Filling your schedule as a Realtor. How to work effectively with other real estate professionals such as home inspectors, lenders, property managers, and appraisers and how to collaborate with these professionals to grow your business!

Kimberly Sut

Instructor and Broker

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Listing Leaders Executive
524 S. Halleck St., Demotte, IN 46310

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