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Tanya Wolf


For much of my early life, people cautioned me about pursuing my interests. Their reservations were twofold: an inconvenient schedule and the journey being difficult. As an organized planner, I sought out my interests anyway and, after a season of trial and error, I found Listing Leaders.

Wife of a business owner and mother of three, I was overwhelmingly happy with Listing Leader’s familial and flexible spirit. They’ve pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone and grow my confidence everyday. Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you can make during your lifetime, so I educate my clients about the real estate process and make them feel comfortable with their decisions.

My focus is to be a great mother and build relationships with my clients. When I’m not helping clients achieve their goals, I’m working out, visiting restaurants with my husband, or hanging with friends. Need a compassionate agent who will help you enter your next phase of life? Give me a call.

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