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Christine Coughlin


Exemplifying creativity, energy, and with in your commercial or residential real estate transaction. I grew up in Valparaiso, and by the age of 8 was selling corn and fireworks from my family's local businesses. Inspired by my grandparents and parents entrepreneurship and work ethic, I developed key skills as an advocate for both buyers and sellers.

Networking, marketing, and social media are just some of my areas of expertise. From the 1st phone call all the way to close, I’ll keep your best interests top priority. Although I don't like showcasing how awesome I am in essay form, I’ll leave you with the following interesting facts about myself: I was the spelling bee champion in 4th grade. I've never had a cavity or braces. I know the grammatical differences between their, there and they're. I'm currently in mortuary school, so if you know anyone dying, divorcing or down-sizing, send them my way!

I am Christine, and I approve this message.

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