Kayla Karriman

Director of Operations and Franchise - Realtor

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Kayla's Bio

Meet Kayla Karriman: Kayla is a newer agent who got licensed in January 2017. Don’t let the word NEW scare you. With only having her license for less than a year, Kayla has landed herself with 5 closed transactions. Kayla launched her real estate career in 2016 when she joined Listing Leaders working as the office processor. Kayla is now helping run the company and manages 120+ agents. She has had the pleasure of helping to build Listing Leaders from the beginning. Having worked in the office, she has gained valuable knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes to get a property to the closing table. If you, or someone you know, is interested in buying or selling a home, or would simply like more information, please give Kayla a call.

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