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My name is Douglas Willems.

If you are looking to make a move, I would be glad to help as your Realtor.

I have experience with various life situations and how they affect what, where, when and how type decisions on buying or if you are selling current home, then buying next home.

First time buyers: Programs are available that help the first time buyers. Often funds are limited and available only until they run out for the year. Take some time and plan ahead. Even if you do not use a program, I can help find the right home at the right time for your personal situation.

Trade up buyers: It is a bit more involved since you have to be aware of twice the deadlines and possible surprises. I can help navigate by anticipating most of these from experience in the field.

Retirement or Downsize Buyers: It often makes sense to plan on downsizing before retirement for a number of reasons. Please contact me for strategies in the current market.

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